From aspiration to necessity

English language has is no longer only an aspirational language but now has become a necessity. The language which has long been considered only for the privilege few and for the classes has moved towards the masses.

English language proficiency have always been linked to the socio economic status in India, and those with high proficiency always enjoyed the status. Earlier there were lesser reasons to learn English today those reasons have multiplied manifold. It has become the need of the hour and not a luxury

Today demand of English medium schools is on the rise, and parents insist that their child gets education in the English medium schools. This situation is not only in urban parts of India but in semi urban and rural parts as well.

Be it the Educational needs, Employability, Mobility needs or Personal needs

English language surely reinstates confidence and self-esteem in everyone’s life

Esteem 01(personality)

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English language market (language)

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Clarify before being Judgemental(generic)

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